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The Eve of Spring

This site title underwent a number of changes—I literally had a list of possible phrases that changed every day, even up to the moment I had to launch the site—and I finally went with something that captures my own poetic rendition of the relationship I imagine Kurama and Botan to have.

It is thanks to three doujin artists who made me consider shipping this pair, because they all portray a workable romantic relationship between Kurama and Botan, post-series. They depict Kurama and Botan making this gentle transition from friendship to romance, years after the YYH gang had settled down, and were shown to work not only because they are the only two unattached members of the group, but because their circumstances and personalities do complement each other. (I could sink my teeth into the stories they drew and wrote because they worked with all the canon details, making the relationship all the more believable.)

So I wanted a site title that captured this plausiblity—if both of them would cross the bridge and start seeing the other as more than a friend, I can believe that a beautiful love can bloom. Hence, the "floral" allusion: Botan's name literally translates to "peony," and Kurama's signature flower is the rose. Waiting for Spring, aside from its sonorous appeal, encapsulates this very premise of tentativeness that tickles, this anticipation for a lovely romance to blossom (spring, of course, being the season that signifies birth, or any beginning).

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Current layout features a fanart I myself commissioned, drawn by Kay (@mi-haaru). ♥ (Needless to say, since I paid for this artwork, I used it on this design with her knowledge.)

I used elements from Tsudzuuzu @Pixiv. Patterns are from Toptal Subtle Patterns and Background Labs. Photo manipulations were done in Adobe Photoshop CC. This layout was based on a design from Templated. Free favicon generated by FreeFavicon. The listing runs thanks to Enthusiast and Fanupdate.


Kurama (Youko/Minamino Shuuichi) and Botan are fictional characters from Yu Yu Hakusho, created by Togashi Yoshihiro. I am not in any way connected with the creator, his publisher, nor with the production companies and studios for this manga and anime. This site is purely a non-profit endeavor, created by a fan for fellow fans. No copyright infringement is intended.

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